Platelet Rich Fibrin Maui

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is a relatively newly developed technology that has gained favor in many surgical disciplines for its therapeutic properties. The release of growth factors concentrated from the patients’ own blood improves tissue regeneration and overall healing. Maui Jaw Surgical Institute now offers PRF for our patients.

Advantages of PRF

  1. No foreign body reaction.
  2. No risk of disease transmission.
  3. Release of growth factors that assist in bone and soft tissue regeneration, improving the overall healing process.
  4. No additional cost or additional surgical site for the patient

PRF Clinical Applications

  1. Preservation of bone at the time of tooth extraction, especially in patients with compromised healing.
  2. Restoration of bone after pathology removal, such as tumors or cysts.
  3. Regeneration of bone at sites that are deficient, including sinus grafting.
  4. Soft tissue and bone grafting around implants.

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