X-Guide Dental Implants

The latest innovation in dental implant placement is X-Guide implant surgery. The X-Guide surgery navigation system provides Dr. Strawn with real-time computer navigation. The result is more precise placement of dental implants through guided surgery while the surgeon remains in control of the procedure at all times.

How Does X-Guide Implant Surgery Work?

While Dr. Strawn performs both freehand and guided dental implant surgery, she appreciates the added precision of the X-Guide system. Guided surgery utilizes the 3D images of the patient’s mouth created by a Cone Beam CT scanner. The 3D images are used to map out a detailed surgical guide for your implant placement procedure.

During surgery, a 3D video overlay clearly guides the surgeon’s hands. This live video feed illuminates all aspects of the jawbone and teeth in relation to the treatment plan. It indicates the proper position of drilling tools during the placement of implants.

With the guide, Dr. Strawn can place the implants more efficiently at the optimal location, angle, and depth for success. Many patients report shorter recovery times and less pain due to the precise placement that minimizes surgical trauma.

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Guided vs. Freehand Dental Implants

Freehand surgery depends on x-rays and 3D imaging but does not produce the same level of surgical guidance. The placement is still carefully planned based on these images, but no video overlay is used during the surgery. As a result, while oral surgeons have successfully placed dental implants for years without guidance, they have discovered that X-Guide dental implants have a higher success rate.

Who is a Good Candidate for X-Guide Dental Implants?

Anyone who is a candidate for dental implants will benefit from the precision of X-Guided surgery. Each patient should consider the slightly higher cost of x-guided implant surgery and longer treatment course, as the X-Guide mapping and treatment plan may take a bit longer before surgery. However, most patients feel the cost difference is more than worth it because they heal more quickly, have less pain and inflammation, and are likely to have improved results.

Dr. Strawn is always happy to answer your questions about X-Guided dental implants. Scheduling an appointment is your first step toward precision dental implants that transform your appearance, improve your ability to eat and speak, and boost your self-confidence. Contact our office at Maui Jaw Surgical Institute Office Phone Number (808) 242-0077 to learn more or schedule a consultation.