Radiofrequency Surgical Unit

One of the most exciting advancements in dental implant technology in recent years is the radiofrequency surgical unit. The radiofrequency surgical unit is a wand-like tool producing four different types of radio waves depending on the type of procedure. With it, Dr. Strawn can perform surgery without applying pressure or causing inflammation around the surgical site using radio waves instead of a scalpel. The edges of incisions are incredibly smooth and bloodless, resulting in less chance of infection and faster healing.

The radiofrequency surgical unit can be used in several ways. It allows the precise removal of lesions and growths from the mouth, chin, lips, and cheeks. It is also used for a variety of dental surgical procedures, including bone grafting, implant placement and restoration, wisdom tooth removal, and complex tooth extractions.

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How is the Radiofrequency Surgical Unit Used for Dental Implants?

The radiofrequency surgical unit gives Dr. Strawn greater control over patient bleeding during surgery, significantly minimizing any bleeding. It also allows her to create precision incisions that heal more cleanly with less post-operative discomfort.

During implant placement, incisions are made using microfibers carrying a radiofrequency current to create flaps in gum tissue along the implant site. Tissue retraction is unnecessary due to the incisions’ precision, which does not bleed or bleeds only a tiny amount.

A radiofrequency surgical unit can also be utilized to uncover implants after the initial surgery. This eliminates long healing times after surgical cutting of the gums to reveal the tops of implants.

Dr. Strawn’s patients benefit from low-temperature, high-frequency radiofrequency surgery for dental implant placement. Their surgery time is reduced, they bleed less, and they experience quicker recovery times with less pain.

Maui Jaw Surgical Institute is ready to improve your life with dental implants. Radiofrequency surgical placement of your implants is one way we ensure a pleasant experience for our patients while giving them outstanding results. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Strawn to discuss your dental implant needs, contact our office at Maui Jaw Surgical Institute Office Phone Number (808) 242-0077.