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Immediate dental implant placement involves placing the implant immediately following the removal of a necessary tooth. This can be done in almost every situation involving the removal of a tooth. It can be done in emergency extractions, as well as the removal of painful teeth, fractured teeth, and sometimes even infected teeth. It is a technically difficult procedure since it involves delicate and precise removal of the tooth involved. Placement of an immediate dental implant comes with the following important benefits:

Reduced number of surgical procedures:

In many cases a tooth can be removed and replaced with an implant in a single procedure.

Faster healing time:

Conventional implant placement required waiting several months after a tooth is removed before an implant is placed. That was then followed by an additional several months for the implant itself to heal to the bone before the final crown can be placed. In the case of an immediate implant, you only have to wait the several months for the implant to heal to the bone and then the final crown can be placed. In most cases, this is about 4 months. In certain anterior locations, a temporary crown can be placed by your dentist on the same day (or next day) as the tooth is removed and implant goes in.

Improved esthetic and even functional results:

This is perhaps the most important benefit. It is well understood that bone is lost after the removal of a tooth. Placing the implant and a small amount of grafting material at the same time as a tooth is removed helps to preserve that bone and prevent resorption. Preserving the height and width of the bone also helps prevent gingival recession. This results in the best achievable esthetic outcome.

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