Piezo surgical Unit

Dr. Strawn is proud to utilize the latest innovation in dental implant placement and oral surgery, the piezo surgical unit. This device allows her to place implants and perform surgery on the jawbone with fewer incisions and greater precision.

What is the Piezo Surgical Unit?

The Piezo surgical unit produces a safe ultrasound frequency used for precision cutting through bone structures. Dr. Strawn can cut through the mineralized bone without damaging surrounding soft tissues by adjusting the ultrasonic frequency. The Piezo surgical unit’s vibrating tips enable extremely fine cuts through bone with an exceptionally clean edge to each incision.

Dr. Strawn uses the piezo surgical unit in a variety of oral surgical procedures, particularly dental implant placement and bone grafting. Piezo surgery allows Dr. Strawn to cut through bone while avoiding soft tissues and the gums.

The result is less bleeding during and after surgery and more rapid healing. There is also less potential for damage to surrounding nerves and blood vessels.

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How Does Piezo Surgery Help with Dental Implant Placement?

The Piezo surgical unit is particularly well-suited to dental implant surgery because it makes precise, selective cuts that minimize gum tissue trauma, allowing for more rapid healing of soft tissues. It also utilizes microstreaming (continuous, swirling fluid movement created by the instrument’s vibrating tips), which helps remove debris. Finally, the Piezo unit’s small size and precision function give Dr. Strawn greater visibility during surgery.

If you are considering dental implants, rest assured your surgery and recovery will be minimally invasive with a quick recovery due to Maui Jaw Surgical Institute’s investment in the Piezo surgical unit. To schedule an appointment to learn more about Piezo surgery’s role in transforming your smile, contact our office at Maui Jaw Surgical Institute Office Phone Number (808) 242-0077.